Glocal presentation

Towards Glocal Administration is a network of second level local administrations. The Glocal Network was established in October 2001.

The objectives of the network are:

· To strengthen the links between local administrations taking part in the network, as a measure for reciprocal knowledge on different administrative organisation models and the extension of European awareness.

· To establish a stable partnership that makes the European institutions aware of the problems of second level local administrations.

· To encourage the exchange of information and good practices between the twinning local administrations, as a multiplier effect for the other government levels and the citizens.

· To establish a stable partnership so that all or some of the network members jointly submit, European projects within different fields of work (urban organization, economic development, culture, personal and social services, environment, health, new technologies, transport and communications, …).

· To open the Towards Glocal Administration network to other interested partners.